When it works it enables you to feel in control of your digital world. AirDrop AirDrop is one of OS X’s star attractions. It used to work when the Mac was running Yosemite, though not consistently. AirDrop is a very useful feature for OS X and iOS, which used to share files between multiple devices, just drag the file to friend’s head to achieve one to one file transfer (similar to Bluetooth transmission). Problem: Airdrop is not working in Macbook pro 2015 model ( OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan ) with iPhone 6s (iOS 9.3.5). hi, can't put airdrop working with el capitan and ios9.0.2. When I open Airdrop in finder window in Mac it is not showing me my iPhone. AirDrop no longer works between my MacBook Pro Retina running El Capitan GM and iPhone 6 Plus running iOS 8.4.1.

Share Files with AirDrop in El Capitan. ArDropがiPhoneとMacで連携可能に! iOS8/iOS9とOS X Yosemite/El Capitanの連携機能の一つである「AirDrop」はiPhone・iPad・MacとのAppleデバイス間でデータのやり取りをすることが出来る機能と … iPhone 6SE on iOS 10.whatever could AirDrop to everything.

I tried to reset my iPhone and it work but after I sent 2 files, my iPhone won't appear on my mac's AirDrop.

I'm currently using an Iphone 7 and would love to get this issue sorted. It’s a breakthrough in speed, simplicity, and efficiency.

Question: Q: AirDrop not working in El Capitan.

Now he can't AirDrop to his High Sierra Mac or my El Capitan Mac. Step 1: Make sure the Finder is active and choose About This Mac in the Apple menu. Question: Q: My AirDrop isn't working :( OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 I can't send files from my MacBook Air mid-2012 to my iPhone 5s (iOS 9.3.5) using AirDrop. There are numerous users having problem AirDrop not working on Mac EI Capitan or after upgrade macOS Sierra 10.12.

So to sum up: iPhone 8+ on iOS 11 can't AirDrop to El Capitan or High Sierra computers *except* home computer with same iCloud account logged in.

However, many users said their AirDrop feature not working in iOS 9.3 and OS X El Capitan due […] How to tell if your Mac supports AirDrop using System Information. Anybody else experiencing issues regarding AirDrop?

It lets you copy files to someone … - Selection from OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual [Book] Airdrop and El Capitan - don't work .

Here’s how to tell if your Mac meets minimum system requirements for AirDrop.

However, AirDrop on Macs requires a modern Wi-Fi chipset, meaning older desktops and notebooks may be unsupported. Now-a-days we have options like the Messages app, email, and Dropbox, as well as Apple’s AirDrop ①.

Solutions to AirDrop Not working on Mac Sierra/Mac El Capitan Solution 1: Share photos (or other files) between iPhone and Mac without AirDrop (FREE) When it comes to sharing files between iPhone (or iPad) and Mac, using AirDrop is not the only free method. Handoff works fine. Whether AirDrop is a pretty feature but sometimes it also does nasty behave. submitted 3 years ago by irule. Both OS are latest updated. Airdrop shows up now and on my Hackintosh (which is connected over Ethernet), I can see my MacBook Pro (on wi-fi), but on my MBP, I can't see my Hackintosh unless I send a file. Note: Tried mac connecting with two iphones (6 ans 6s).

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